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Simge Industrial Engineering; commenced its business operations in 1991 with the production of DC drives. The company has made an important contribution to the Turkish industry by successfully carrying out the project design, commissioning and providing technical services that required for this production.

With the industrial development in Turkey, the company noticed the deficiency towards engineering companies capable of developing complete factory automations and decided to stop DC drive manufacturing and shift to offering complete automation solutions.

The company has succeeded to realize important complete factory automation projects by combining the products of the companies specialized in industrial drive and automation in the world with the knowledge and experience brought by years

The company aims to support the competitiveness of our industrial organizations in international markets by emphasizing quality, efficiency and occupational safety issues in its production rather than introducing luxury configurations

With its experienced team, the company continues to provide system solution suggestions and consulting, project, software, installation, commissioning, service and product sales in industrial facilities.

The company is successfully conducting its turnkey automation applications in the country and abroad, especially in aluminium, copper, iron and steel sectors.

Murat AYDIN / Genel Manager

Mission & Vision

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To facilitate the fast and high quality enhancement of the world’s industry with its experienced and professional staff comprising of pioneers of their field.


Innovation – Reliability – Dynamism – Efficiency

Human Resources

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In line with our corporate values, we aim to employ qualified people who are open to innovation, who have the potential to develop themselves and their business, who can work in teams, and develop them with effective performance and reward systems.

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