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Energy Efficiency in Industries

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With our engineering services in your facilities, we aim to:

  •  Significantly lower the costs of the current energy consumption
  • Provide high efficiency in terms of energy.
  • Extend the longetivity of the systems
  • Reduce maintenance costs during their lifetime

We Save Your Energy !

Casting Line

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Our company provides the automation of vertical or horizontal type aluminum plate production machines with widths between 600 – 1800 mm and thicknesses of 3 – 10 mm, design, panel assembly and commissioning works and their service support.

With the help of servo motor and its drivers used in Spray system and AC drives used to drive graphite pumps; it is possible to spray graphite to the upper and lower rollers at the desired speed and pressure, and to clean the end of the nozzles.

With the help of  Industrial PC;the desired length and number of plates are cut automatically, parallel with the number of cuts entered by the operator .

Foil Rolling Mill

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Our company has expertise with 7 – 200 micron range of material rolling machine design, electrical and electronic automation as well as panel manufacturing.

With the help of the remote I/O’s we added to the main and auxiliary operator panels, cabling and cable footage in the field are kept to a minimum.

With the help of AC drives and auxiliary equipment for clean oil pumps, the temperature, pressure and flow rate required by the operator can be brought to the rolling mill.

Cold Rolling Mill

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Our company provides services for the drawing of all electrical and electronic projects, panel mounting, field wiring, testing and commissioning works for all electrical and electronic projects of the rolling machines with a thickness of 0.2 – 6 mm and widths of 1200 – 2000 mm.


Washing and Stretching Line

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Washing – Stretching Line; in the washing section, the material is freed from oil and dust remaining on the surface after rolling. With the speed difference created between the roller groups, the material is smoothed by applying tension.


Melting and Holding Furnace

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Our company can undertake the electrical electronics and automation, design, installation and commissioning works for recuperative and regenerative tilting aluminum melting furnaces with 10 – 50 tons of capacity and for fixed and tiltable type cold air burner system holding furnaces with 5 – 25 tons of capacity.


Annealing Furnace

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As Billets and plates; the design of homogenous annealing furnaces, electrical and electronic works and automation can be done by us. By means of industrial devices, a safe burning environment can be ensured by gas leakage tests and gas sweeping processes, and thanks to the scada software to be used by the operator, a homogeneous annealing process can be achieved at the desired degree and time.


Slitting Line

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The material that is put into the winder in the form of a roll is slitted again into narrower strips and wrapped around the opener.  Our company performs the designing of thin and thick slitting lines, workmanship and installation of panels, field wiring and commissioning works as well.