Compact Design, High Configuration, Large Capacity and High Speed

4 expansion modules for simple instruction with 16K program capacity at only 0.3µs;

Analog inputs and outputs integrated MC100


Powerful Positioning and High-Speed Processing Capacity

Control over position and machine speed analysis with position control command;

Multi-selection speed control for servo or stepper motors with variable speed and pulse output function;

High-speed processing: 6-line high-speed pulse input with maximum 50KHz frequency; 100KHz high-speed pulse output 2-line


Rich Interruption Options 

With interrupt priority capability: Communication interrupt, pulse interrupt and power-off interrupt


Powerful Communication Network Capacity

Supports MCBUS network communication protocol, MODBUS protocol and OPC service.


GPRS Wireless Communication Support and Positioning Module

GPRS data transmission

Remote upgrade and debug user program

GPRS real-time positioning

8-digit password protection, prohibition of program installation, prevention of copying of programs outside the authorization.

Program Güvenliği
18-digit password protection, program installation prohibition setting, prevention of copying of programs outside the authorization.