Double Core Processing, Increased Computing Speed and Performance
RAM + FPGA dual core compatibility, parallel processing of many tasks;
Program Processing Speed 0,065µs.MC280

Rich Function, Response to Complex Multi-Task Requests
Program Capacity 32K;
R Component capacity 32K, 4-time D component

Pulse count input performance
8 line simultaneous 100 KHz high-speed counting;
4 line AB phase counting, 4-time frequency support;
5V different signal transmission, support for different counting.

Pulse Transmission Performance

8-axis pulse output with 200 KHz frequency;

Frequency change can be provided based on the pulse process;

Triangle precaution support;

AB phase pulse transmission support;

Symmetrical asymmetrical T and S shape ascent/descent;

Interrupt signal position support;

Support to change target position during operation;


DHSPI.Powerful Position Control Function

Line and arc interpolation;

Continuous interpolation;

Synchronous tracking function;

Normal, tangential and helical interpolation;

Electronic gear, dynamic various gear ratio;

Electronic CAM function;

Simple G code support, CAD graphics.

Program Security
8-digit password protection, program installation prohibition setting, prevention of copying of programs outside the authorization