ML800 is high intelligent elevator controller which is independently developed and produced by Shenzhen Megmeet Drive Technology Co., Ltd., combining the motor drive technology, elevator control technology, internet technology and elevator group control technology, with excellent performance, complete functions, safety and reliability, simple operation, and simple, cost-effective control system.

Excellent driving control technology

Directly use normally without motor auto-tuning

  • Output anti-arcing design
  • Encoder disconnection anti-coaster
  • Unique no-weighing algorithm, achieve satisfactory start-stop comfort by simply debugging
  • Drive all types of elevator traction machine, achieve true integration drive

Superior customer usage characteristics

  • Maximum elevator speed is 6m/s, the highest floor is 64-floor, meet customer selection
  • The whole system compact, simple wiring, high reliability and simple operation
  • Debug all parameters in the car using the operation panel of controller
  • Full range of built-in brake unit
  • Supports multiple encoder (open collector, push-pull, UVW, Sin/Cos)
  • Structure optimized design, applied to machine room-less installation, great convenience to customers
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